12-hour Closure Scheduled for Al-Shura Intersection

Monday, August 12, 2018

Gulf Times -- The Public Works Authority - Ashghal has announced that it will implement a temporary closure of Al-Shura Intersection, also known as White Palace Intersection, on the main lanes of the four sides of the intersection.


Carried out in coordination with the General Directorate of Traffic, the closure will last for a total of 12 hours, Ashghal has said in a statement.


First, the intersection will be closed for six hours from Monday evening until early Tuesday, and it will again be closed for six hours from Tuesday evening until early on Wednesday.


During this period, traffic heading to Al-Shura Intersection from its four sides can turn right only and use the next intersection, as shown on the attached map.a

The temporary closure is being implemented with the aim of completing the installation of new traffic lights at Al-Shura Intersection, Ashghal has said.


This comes as part of the development works carried out at intersections and roundabouts in various parts of Greater Doha, which aim to enhance the flow of traffic and reduce congestion in vital areas, the statement adds.


The authority will install road signs advising motorists of the closure. It has also requested all road users to abide by the speed limit and follow the road signs to ensure their safety.