Ashghal Opens New Bridge Connecting Al Gharrafa, Madinat Khalifa North

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

The Peninsula -- The Public Works Authority (Ashghal) has opened a new bridge over Al Shamal road directly connecting Al Itihad Street in Al Gharrafa Area and Saqr Street in Madinat Khalifa North to accommodate the traffic during the construction works being implemented currently in the area.


Ashghal succeeded in completing the bridge and opened it to traffic six months before it was scheduled to open. The design and construction of the bridge requires a full year; however, the bridge was opened within six months of work.


The success in completing the construction works ahead of schedule is contributed to the engineering solution that was used to build the bridge, which minimized the necessary time for its construction, moreover this engineering solution shortened significantly the amount and duration of traffic diversions.

The construction of the bridge required closing the street for several hours at night, thus reducing the impact on traffic. The bridge will also help reduce traffic diversions which are needed for the construction works which will be implemented in the area and reduce its impact on traffic.


The advanced technology with which the bridge was constructed is known as the Post Tensioning system, during which a number of thick cables made of fixed steel are placed inside the bars before pouring the concrete and then reinforced at 50%, and after the concrete is poured to give it high resistance to allow it to be pulled, the liquid cement is poured (Grouting) to fill the blanks which will complete the pulling of the cables at 100% and the pouring of the liquid cement after the installation of the beams on the pillars and the permanent concrete pillars of the bridge and the roof of the bridge.


The construction of the bridge required the use of a giant crane to install the 15 concrete beams, it is worth mentioning that this crane can carry weights up to 600 tons.


It is important to note as well that the bridge was constructed using building materials from national factories in Qatar as part of Ashghal’s efforts to support and qualify the Qatari product, factories and local suppliers to participate in the implementation of projects executed by the Public Works Authority.


The new bridge between Al Ittihad Street and Saqr Street consists of one lane in each direction. The new bridge will connect directly the two areas of Gharafa and Madinat Khalifa North eliminating the need to pass through the Al Shamal road, which will eventually reduce traffic on Al Shamal road and it will ease the traffic congestion on Umm Lekhba Interchange (Landmark) and Al Gharrafa Interchange (Al Jawazat).