Education Ministry Says Exam Schedule Adjustment for Benefit of Students, Parents

Thursday, April 5, 2018

The Peninsula -- The Ministry of Education and Higher Education said examinations schedule has been adjusted as per a Ministerial Decision issued yesterday to amend the annual calendar for the academic year 2017/2018.


The ministry said the move came after extensive study, in coordination with the Advisory Committee for School Principals and the Advisory Committee for Teachers, in response to the public interest, and for the benefit of students and parents.


The ministry further said that according to the amendment, the students of early education will complete their exams before Ramadan, while exams of the other classes were advanced during the holy month, with increasing the rest days during the examinations, especially for the secondary stage, giving students, therefore, more opportunity to prepare for the tests.


The amendment of examinations schedule for the second grade from the first to ninth, which were submitted to the period from June 25 to July 02, will contribute to the exploitation of the school period, as staff leave will start from July 8, and therefore does not require the opening of examination centers .


The ministry called on students to prepare well for examinations and to ensure academic achievement, perseverance and effort in their study, while urging parents to provide the ideal schooling environment in cooperation with the school.


HE the Minister of Education and Higher Education Dr Mohammed bin Abdul Wahid Al Hammadi issued a decision earlier yesterday to amend some provisions of the Ministerial Decision No.21 on the Annual Calendar for the Academic year 2017/2018.