Festival City Hosts Gumball Show

Friday, August 31, 2018
Gumball Show.jpg

Gulf Times -- Doha Festival City’s (DHFC) partnership with Cartoon Network gives the chance for children in Qatar to enjoy an entire range of fun-filled activities with the main characters of the iconic show.


Dubbed as ‘The Amazing World of Gumball’, this offering brings families and loved ones together to mark the back-to-school season from September 1-14.


Located at the Centre Court, First Floor, Gumball fans will enjoy the unique activity zone, where children can carouse around numerous activations, including an interactive gaming station, a dodge ball game, blind folded games, photo opportunities with their favorite Gumball characters and an arts and crafts section.


The activation will also feature interactive PlayStation gaming sessions, Dodge Ball games where children can throw dodge balls through the character cut-outs and score points to win. Children have a chance to be blindfolded and are asked to pin the remote to Richard Watterson, as well as pose with their favorite Gumball characters.


Available from 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm for two weeks, DHFC is the perfect destination to spend the last few weeks of summer. Families will also have the chance to dine in the numerous outlets available at the mall, while also obtaining their essentials for the new academic year.


 For this back-to-school season, Festival City Kids Club members will enjoy their membership benefits, including exclusive access privileges. Families can sign up their children for free to become Kids Club members and gain exclusive benefits, activities, and retail offers throughout the year.