Fresh Products, Attractive Prices Now at Central Market

Friday, October 13, 2017

Gulf Times -- More and more varieties of fresh fruits and vegetables are on display on daily basis at the fruit and vegetable section at the Abu Hamour Central Market, local Arabic daily 'Arrayah' reported.


The market has good quantities of different types of fruits and vegetables imported from Iran, Turkey, Lebanon, China, Australia, India, Philippines and many other countries including those from Latin America.


In addition, the arrival of local vegetables has started to increase considerably at the market with varieties such as green pepper, eggplant, cucumber, melons, sweet melons, zucchini, dates, and various leafy vegetables. All such products are on display at highly competitive prices that have won the preference of customers.


Average prices for the recent period include QR30 for a mid-size box of Turkish tomatoes, QR25 for a box of eggplant, imported cucumber QR35, Iranian melon QR15 a big one, pineapple around QR7 a piece, carrots QR10 a box, dates QR10-18 a box and grapes QR25-30. Regular customers stressed that the prices are excellent compared to the same time last year. Besides, the market has received more options now and customers can enjoy products from different countries that used to be limited or very expensive before.