Inevitable Change

By Chica

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Change - one of the scariest terms for people who always want things to happen as the book says. If rules change, they get lost. If you suggest change, they refuse it, even if it were positive and for their own good! Have you ever met people of this type? Tell them about “Who Moved My Cheese”!


“Who moved My Cheese” is a book by Spencer Johnson about change and how to deal with it in your life, work and everything you come across. It tells you that change is inevitable and that it is important to react to it in a positive way, instead of sitting still, moaning and having regrets.


The book is seventy something pages, written in the form of a fable that you can easily relate to, reread and analyze. It is a lifetime guide as it will help you throughout your tough times when you feel puzzled and unsure of how you can accept the changes occurring around you and handle them in the best way possible.


The book is available everywhere in bookstores and online in pdf, but it is better to have your hardcopy of this amazing book. What is really unique about the book is that you can recommend it to people who are not generally fond of reading or you can simply narrate the fable to them then start analyzing it.