Motorists Warned Against Blocking Yellow Box at Junctions

Monday, October 9, 2017

Gulf Times -- More than 400 violations involving motorists blocking the yellow box at intersections have been recorded since August this year, an official at the General Directorate of Traffic has said.


Article 72 of the Traffic Law, which was introduced two months ago, states that “despite having priority or if the traffic light indicates green, a motorist may not move the vehicle if such (an) act will disrupt or hinder traffic, and whoever has priority may waive such priority if traffic conditions so require”, according to Al Meezan portal.


The penalty for this offence is QR500 as well as three points, First Lieutenant Ahmed Ali al-Kuwari, Traffic Control Officer at the Security Monitoring Department, said, stressing that the monitoring of yellow box violations through security surveillance cameras was being activated at all intersections.


As the directorate warned motorists against blocking the yellow box at signalized junctions as it causes accidents and traffic jams, First Lieutenant al-Kuwari said they started monitoring such violations through cameras two months ago, the official Qatar News Agency (QNA) reported yesterday.


The yellow area in question consists of intersecting yellow lines that occupy the common cross-section at signalized intersections, and motorists are prevented from stopping on them in order to facilitate the flow of traffic.

Traffic rules stipulate that a driver cannot stop on the yellow box even if the signal is green if the direction in which s/he is moving is crowded in such a way that prevents him/her from crossing the junction.


In order to curb this practice, which is causing harm to road users as well as confusion at intersections and on main roads, the General Directorate of Traffic began monitoring yellow box violations in accordance with Article 72 of Traffic Law No.19 of 2007.


First Lieutenant al-Kuwari said blocking the yellow box at intersections was a big concern because it caused congestion.


In the event of traffic congestion and even if the signal allows to proceed, he said, drivers should not move until the cars ahead of them move in order to avoid jams.