New Online Service Launched for Rent Disputes

Friday, October 20, 2017

The Peninsula -- To facilitate landlords and lessors, the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has launched a new online application service through which landlords can collect monthly rents of their buildings online in case of unsettled disputes with the tenants.


At present, landlords can receive cheques of rents through moving an online application, but soon under a new facility the amounts would be electronically deposited into their bank accounts.  The Office of Rent Dispute Settlement Committee at the Financial Affairs Department of the Ministry, in cooperation with the Information Systems Department, launched a new electronic service - “request for disbursing deposit” - to serve the purpose.


The service is available at the website of the Ministry. The Ministry defines “deposit” as the monthly rent deposited by tenants at the treasury of the Office in favor of the beneficiaries — lessors and landlords in return for renting a residential or commercial facility. The service for requesting for disbursal of the deposit will help beneficiaries in getting the monthly rent upon submitting an online request.


The requirement for receiving the rent money online is very simple as it demands a copy of ID card for individual beneficiary. However, the leasing companies will need a copy of computer card, commercial registration (CR), and authorization letter if the beneficiary is representative of the company.


The new service will enable the beneficiaries of property owners and landlords who have rental dues deposited by the tenants at the treasury of the Committee to access the ministry’s website and check all their deposits in the account of the office and request for disbursing the money without visiting the Office.


A beneficiary will receive a text message immediately on his mobile phone stating that he has submitted a request for disbursing the deposit with the deposit number required for disbursal. Once this amount is processed, another message is sent to the beneficiary that the check on the deposit is ready for receiving. Additionally, an online service for “request for deposit certificate” is also available.


The office at the headquarters of the Rent Dispute Settlement Committee is all set to upgrade existing online service. Under upgradation, online requests to settle rent disputes, activate bank transfers to the accounts of lessors and beneficiaries as property owners of their financial deposits at the treasury of the office will be available.