New Radar Device Launched to Catch Speeding Motorists

Monday, July 23, 2018

Gulf Times -- The General Directorate of Traffic has launched patrol vehicles equipped with a modern radar device to monitor traffic rule violations.


Aimed to cover roads from where many complaints are received, the radar fitted inside the vehicle can record violations of speeding.


The new device was launched on the sidelines of the 'Accident-Free Summer' awareness campaign, which is currently underway.


Capt. Shabib Mohamed al-Nuaimi of the Traffic Patrols explained that the new radar can be fitted into both civilian and official traffic patrol vehicles. It has several modern technical features, such as the ability to be operational while on the move and adopt infrared imaging. It does not use the 'annoying' flash lights, and is capable of filming traffic flow in both directions and can operate in different weather conditions.


Using the control modules, patrolling officials can feed the speed limit onto the system for large and small vehicles on any particular road. It is able to identify the street number and shoot still pictures as well as videos.

Meanwhile, the General Directorate of Traffic is continuing with its awareness campaign, 'Accident-Free Summer', which has now entered the third week.


At a press conference held at the Traffic headquarters on Sunday, the theme of the third week - "For your safety, wear seatbelt" - was announced.


The theme highlights the role of seatbelts in saving the lives of drivers and front-seat passengers.


Head of the Traffic Department (North), Lt. Col. Abdullah Mohamed al-Humaidi, said not wearing seatbelts is the most important cause of deaths and injuries on roads. He stressed the importance of all media outlets and social networking sites in raising awareness about the importance of wearing seatbelts while driving. Seatbelts reduce the risk of death and serious injury in case of accidents.


He said the General Directorate of Traffic is working to save the lives of people by reducing the number of road traffic accidents. "The campaign has started yielding results," he said, adding that the number of violations with regard to people using mobile phones while driving has come down to 340 a week.


The official hoped similar success could be achieved for the seatbelt campaign as well.