Online Auction for Fancy Car Plates Starts Today

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The Peninsula -- The General Directorate of Traffic at the Ministry of Interior (MoI) has announced the sixth public online auction for some 22 fancy car plates.


The auction will start today at 12:00 pm for three days until 10:00 pm on November 16.


As per the rules, bidding will start from QR100,000 and participants are required to make a deposit of QR20,000 as insurance, MoI said on its official Twitter account.


The person who wins the bid should pay the bidding value within two working days, failure to pay within the period would result in losing the deposit of QR20,000 and the Department has the right to sell the fancy number plate to the next highest bidder.


If there are more bids in the final quarter of an hour on some plate numbers, the time will be extended by another 15 minutes.


The fifth online auction conducted by traffic department for some 22 fancy car plates collected more than QR5.5m.


The highest bidding was for the plate 333300 that was sold for QR638,000 followed by plate number 333222 which collected QR622,000.


The lowest bidding fancy plate was for the number 393399 which collected QR130,000.