Pakistani Expatriates to Renew Passports, Identification Cards Online

Wednesday, August 1, 2018
ID Online.jpg

The Peninsula -- Pakistani expatriates in Qatar can now renew their identification cards and passports by using online facility available on the official website of Nadra Pakistan.

Recently, the Government of Pakistan started an online facility for preparation of Machine Readable Passports (MRPs) and Computerized National Identity Cards (NICOPs) for Pakistani expatriates. Now, Pakistani expatriates can renew their NICOPs and MRPs by logging in to weblinks and respectively.

“It has come to the notice of Pakistan mission in the State of Qatar that some individuals are involved in misusing this online facility through illegal establishment of Private Facilitation Centers for online preparation of MRPs and NICOPs, and in this connection those Pakistani expatriates who are approaching these private facilitation centers for online preparation of NICOPs and MRPs are being charged over and above against fixed online fees for making NICOPs and MRPs,” the embassy said in a statement.

The embassy has said that such private facilitation centers do not enjoy any kind of patronage of the Embassy of Pakistan and such facilitation centers are involved in illegal use of online facility for preparation of NICOPs and MRPs.


All expatriates living in Qatar have been asked by the embassy that they should come to the Embassy of Pakistan, Qatar, for preparation of their NICOPs and MRPs if they are unable to utilize online facility on their own.

Since September 2017, the Embassy of Pakistan in Qatar is processing the renewal cases of NICOPs and MRPs on walk in basis during five days a week from Sunday to Thursday, and, in this regard, expatriates are not required to get appointment date for renewal of their passports and NICOPs.

The same facility is available for processing of cases of new born babies. However, firstly, NICOPs are processed for new born babies and afterwards passport cases are processed for them.