Emergency Committee Announces Contingency Plans for Rainfall

Gulf Times -- The Rainfall Emergency Committee at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) has announced the preparation of contingency plans for rainfall in different municipalities, as well as work programs, in anticipation of further precipitation.

It also has expressed the readiness of the Municipal Operations Room to receive rainwater reports or requests on phone numbers allocated to the relevant teams as well as through the website, mobile application or social networking sites of the MME.

Safar Mubarak al-Shafi, head of the committee, said in a statement that over 130 non-stop working hours, rain emergency teams in the municipalities successfully completed the withdrawal of about 380mn gallons of accumulated rainwater in all cities and regions of the country. The quantities have been unprecedented over the past week, with the exception of small quantities in the Al Wukair area, work is currently under way in co-ordination with the Public Works Authority “Ashghal” to withdraw water.

Al-Shafi lauded the cooperation and coordination between the rainfall emergency teams on the one hand and the relevant entities at the Ministry of Interior, Ashghal and Qatar Meteorological Department, which contributed to the completion of water withdrawal and the opening of streets and fields as soon as possible following the rain.

He added that cleanliness department teams of the MME have also intensified their efforts after the withdrawal of rainwater in order to clean and sweep streets and other key areas in various parts of the State. This has been done to facilitate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians and restore normality.

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