First Branch of Cinnabon Qatar Opens in Doha

Gulf Times -- Mohammed Hamad Almana Group has opened the first branch of Cinnabon Qatar.

This came after the group signed a partnership agreement with Focus Brands – a leading global company in the food and beverages industry. Under the agreement, the Group has obtained the exclusive rights of both representation and operation of seven American-owned brands in Qatar.

The brands have more than 5,000 branches spread across some 54 countries worldwide.

Cinnabon, Carvel and Seattle Best Coffee will be the first brands to be launched in Qatar as part of a three-year plan to open a chain of shops, offering the renowned cinnamon rolls and American coffee.

The opening ceremony of the first branch of Cinnabon Qatar was held at Al Mana Plaza, located in the Bin Mahmoud area, in the presence of representatives of Mohammed Hamad Almana Group and Focus Brands, in addition to a number of guests and bloggers specializing in the field of restaurants and cafés.

The venue was filled with a number of fans of Cinnabon and the famous rolls.

During the ceremony, Mohammed Hamad Almana Group business development manager Abdulrahman Hamad al-Mana said: “This partnership with Focus Brands is part of a strategic vision that intends to develop the Group’s business in this vital sector. We hope this positive step will take us forward towards building a solid, trustful relationship with international brands in the Qatari market and contribute to the advancement of the local economy after Qatar has clearly proved its ability to establish a strong, stable and invincible economy.”

Cinnabon Qatar brand manager Rabia Tabet added, “We have made a very valuable investment to make sure that we provide our valued customers with the best-quality service to cater to all their tastes. We also understand the importance of providing our guests with the right ambiance through a modern and stylish design. Our ultimate goal is to create a unique experience that makes every café visitor a constant friend of Cinnabon Qatar.”

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