Labor Ministry Launches First Phase of Amerni App

The Peninsula -- The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs has launched the first phase of "Amerni" app for smart phones, providing an easy and quick electronic gateway for users.

The "Amerni" app offers 14 e-services in first stage in sectors of administrative development, labor and social affairs.

The application in the first package includes nine services for individuals provided by human resources departments, labor relations, housing, social security and family affairs, as well as five services for owners of enterprises provided by the Employment Department, the Labor Inspection Department and the Labor Relations Department.

The app is available in the Arabic and English languages in App Store and Google Play. It is easy to use to request services and inquiries where the user can complete the transaction in three simple steps, beginning with obtaining the user name and password through the national authentication system, and then log on to the application.

To download Amerni App:


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