QDB Launches Doha Tourism Project

Thursday, May 31, 2018

The Peninsula -- Qatar Development Bank (QDB) on Tuesday announced the launching of Doha Tourism Project on a 79,000 square meter area as a tourist destination on Qatar’s seafront and offers 100 investment opportunities for entrepreneurs.


QDB’s Project Management Office Planner, Hamad Rashid al-Naimi, said that the project offers entrepreneurs to obtain shops with a competitive lease of contracts ranging from one to three years, explaining that the area of the shop ranging from 25 square meters to 200 square meters.


Al-Naimi added the applying for Doha Tourism Project will begin on Sunday, through QDB’s website, and lasts until September 10, noting that the winners of the projects will be revealed in early November, and the project will kick off at beginning of 2020.


He noted that the activities available in the project would range from shops selling fishing equipment, diving equipment, maintenance of boats and ports, and other crafts and souvenirs as well as art galleries, photography exhibitions, and food and beverage outlets such as coffee, spices, dates and so on.


Al-Naimi pointed out that to benefit from the project requires the achievement of three conditions, the first being that the submitted idea in connection with the heritage of Qatar, linked to marine life, and distinctive or creative. He explained that the evaluation and selection of shops will start on Sep 10 as the applications will be sorted and meet the shortcomings then the personal interviews of the qualified, who will be given more than a year to prepare shop design, equipment and employment, in addition to choose the appropriate funding, whether from QDB or from another bank.