Radio and TV Apps
Qatar TV

Watch video live streaming of Qatar TV, replay recorded programs or simply check the latest news. You can also send photos and videos to the channel via the app.

Ooredoo TV

Watch live TV and videos wherever you are in Qatar or record your favorite programs to watch them later. What is unique is using your cell phone or tablet as a remote control.

Al Rayyan TV

Watch live streaming of Al Rayyan Satellite Channel, find a schedule of all programs and replay recorded ones, or simply share your ideas to improve the channel.

Sout Al-Khaleej

Enjoy a library full of thousands of songs for well-known singers in the Arab world and the Gulf region. Tune in for live streaming of a variety of programs and replay recorded ones.

Qatar Radio Live Player

Listen to a wide variety of radio channels on your mobile device. One of the amazing features of the app is using your device while keeping the app playing in the background.