“Where is Dan?”

By Chica

Photo credit: IMDB

I love movies and going to the movie theater every now and then, and I go more often if there are really good movies to watch. I am not generally fond of Indian movies, especially the action ones, because of the exaggeration they have. That is my own point of view after all. I am more into Indian movies that have romance and drama, such as My Name is Khan, Kabhi Kushi Kabie Gham, Veer Zara, and about two weeks ago, I had a similar experience that left me with a lot of thinking, thanks to Dan!


I decided to watch one of the Indian movies and chose october. Though the trailer says it is not a love story, I believe it is, at least to some extent. The movie starts at Radisson Blu Hotel in India where Dan and Shiuli work. Although Dan is always causing trouble from the very first scene either to himself or to Shiuli, his co-worker - and a rival only in his own imagination - you will never expect how things develop.


Even if you are now thinking that they will eventually fall in love, believe it or not … there is a lot that you will not be able to guess - and this is what is really special about this story, what makes it really different from the typical love stories we all know.


The name of the movie, though ordinary and indicates nothing at first glance, quite suits the story. The script is well-written; you never get bored. The shifting between the scenes is amazing and smooth in a way that makes you feel as if you were part of the movie, part of the story and even involved with the characters.


Shiuli does not utter much throughout the movie though she is always there, if not the center of every scene, but she is there to let you know that sometimes it is not about how many words you say, but rather what you say and how you say it. Her question “Where is Dan?” is enough to keep you wondering what she really wants or feels when she utters it.


The direction, editing and color grading in the movie is simply amazing in every sense of the word, and they help you focus on the details even if you are not a detail-oriented person.


All the time, you will be thinking whether Dan is right or wrong, and this will determine whether you will decide to forgive him or not for all the trouble he has made.


The movie has left me thinking of how you can help others - and by others I mean complete strangers you meet by chance every day in this life. You wonder whether you are ready to give up your own happiness and comfort, stand against those around you because deep inside you are sure you are right, until they eventually support you. You find out that there are friends in this life who will help one another even at times of disagreement.