Widam Receives 32,000 Australian Sheep

 Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gulf Times -- Widam Food Company has received more than 32,000 heads of Australian sheep, which are now available at the company's barns.


Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the company is catering to the requirements of the local market for red meat, especially in view of the increased demand for such products during this period.


In addition, Widam has provided a good amount of sheep of Arabic origin, which is available in the local market and sold at subsidized prices to Qataris during the holy month of Ramadan.


The vessel carrying the Australian sheep, Al Shuwaikh, sailed for 25 days from Australia and arrived at Hamad Port recently.


Widam has also announced the availability of Syrian sheep, sold at QR900 per head, in addition to Jordanian sheep at QR850 and local sheep at QR1,000. The subsidized prices were launched as a joint initiative with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC).

Each Qatari adult is entitled to two sheep during Ramadan, which are to be obtained by submitting his/her ID. The subsidized sheep should be slaughtered immediately at Widam abattoirs to ensure that they go to the actual buyer.


Meanwhile, the central livestock market in the Abu Hamour area has seen a large turnout of customers throughout Ramadan, buying mostly different varieties of sheep. The vendors there affirmed that stock is available and there is no shortage in terms of meeting the rising daily demand.


Further, they stressed that this has been "an excellent season" for business.