Woqod’s Gas Cylinder Exchange Offer to End in One Week

Thursday, August 9, 2018
Gas Cylinder.JPG

The Peninsula -- Qatar Fuel’s (Woqod) ongoing promotion to replace steel LPG cylinders with Shafaf cylinders and avail a benefit of QR120 per cylinder will end in nearly one weeks.

Under the exchange scheme, consumers and households who are still using their metal LPG cylinders can return these cylinders within one week to replace them with lightweight, safer and transparent cylinders and get a refund of QR120. To buy a new Shafaf cylinder, customers are required to pay only QR245 instead of QR365.

The latest offer, which came into effect on May 15, 2018 will end on August 15, according to information on its official website.


A senior official in Woqod said that the company, as of now, has no plans to extend the validity of the promotional scheme under which consumers are given the incentive (QR120) to switch to safer and more user-friendly gas cylinders.


Woqod, the country’s only distributor of LPG cylinders, has been striving to phase-out metal cylinders from the market, and launched several awareness campaigns for over the last few years to do away with the metal cylinders.


Current figures about the exact number of remaining metal cylinders in circulation are not available, but in total there were about 700,000 metal cylinders in circulation, and the company had already replaced more than half of them early last year.


In early June this year, Woqod CEO Saad Rashid al-Muhannadi had told The Peninsula that the phasing out of the metal cylinders was expected to be completed very soon.


Shafaf cylinders are the state-of-art modern high-tech LPG filling cylinders. Woqod was the first in the region to introduce these cylinders for the filling and distribution of domestic gas in Qatar.


Since they are made from a fiberglass and plastic composite materials, they are very light in weight. Each empty cylinder weighs only 5kg, which can be handled very easily, even by women and children.  These cylinders are designed with high levels of safety and security in comparison to the previous generation, where these new cylinders are fire proof and do not explode, even in the case of fire. Additionally, these cylinders enable the user from monitoring the remaining gas levels. Shafaf cylinders are available in two refill sizes, 12kg and 6kg. In addition, Woqod also offers bulk LPG tanks (1000 liters) as an alternative option for domestic gas consumption.